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The Story

It all began the day before Hannah’s 12th birthday. Hannah was in the barn with her friends Sofia, Lisa and Sarah. While practising lassoing, the girls discovered a mysterious chest with the letters "H" and "C" on the lid.

Hannah opened the chest – and the friends were absolutely astonished. Inside the chest were photos of horses and a mysterious map. They thought they already knew every last inch of Lakeside.

What could be the meaning of the red X on the map between Lakeside Riding Stable and Peppertree Woods? The friends saddled their horses and galloped off – determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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The world of Horse Club

Hannah & Cayenne

Hannah lives with her parents and sister Mia in Lakeside, as the beautiful area around the riding centre is known. She is full of curiosity and always looking for new adventures. True to this spirit, her motto is “Why …?”. When Hannah grows up, she wants to be a vet, just like her mum. Together with Sofia, Lisa and Sarah, she discovered a mysterious chest the day before her 12th birthday. It led them to an old caravan that became the secret meeting place for HORSE CLUB. 

Cayenne is Hannah’s quarter horse. Hannah and Cayenne are an unbeatable team in western riding. No wonder, given that Cayenne’s previous owner was a real-life cowboy. Cayenne especially loves it when Hannah comes to the stable bright and early to feed him. She always sings to herself while she’s doing it. Just like Hannah, Cayenne loves adventures and enjoys exploring Lakeside and the surrounding area. Whatever mystery will Hannah and Cayenne discover next?

Lisa & Storm

“Come on, let’s do it!” Lisa’s friends often hear these words coming out of her mouth. Lisa is the sportiest of the four HORSE CLUB girls and is always in a good mood. Whenever there’s a new secret to uncover, she and her Hanoverian, Storm, are always at the centre of the action. When they’re not investigating mysteries, the two of them do a lot of training so that they can compete in tournaments in Lakeside. Will Lisa and Storm win the next showjumping tournament?

Storm is Lisa’s horse, a Hanoverian. He loves showing off his skills and winning prizes at horse shows in Lakeside. Storm is a very talented jumper. It’s an ability he inherited from his father. His favourite obstacle is water jumps. But will his stubbornness cost him points at the next tournament?

Sofia & Blossom

Just imagine … that’s how Sofia’s stories normally start. Sofia is very creative and likes to decorate everything around her with flowers and other pretty things. She got some of them from Blossom’s owner, Anna Collins, who gives Sofia small thank-you gifts from her frequent trips abroad. Sofia also designed the HORSE CLUB logo and the four friends’ wristbands. What do you reckon Sofia will think up next?

Blossom loves it when Sofia brushes her mane. The 20-year-old Andalusian mare feels very content being looked after by Sofia. Her owner Anna Collins travels a lot and has no time. With Sofia, Blossom gets to daydream a little each day. But if HORSE CLUB needs them, the two of them will quickly come back down to earth. What new stories will Sofia and Blossom soon have to tell?

Sarah & Mystery

Sarah is very smart and perceptive. She can write amazing songs and poems. Her favourite word, “magic”, appears in them a lot. She and Mystery (the alert, observant horse she looks after as if she were her own) love galloping across the fields of Lakeside, wild and free. They make an amazing team, since they understand each other perfectly. People say the two of them are finely attuned. Sarah doesn’t like being alone, so it’s good that her HORSE CLUB friends are already planning the next meeting. 

Mystery is a mare that Sarah looks after for her owner, Edith Jacobs. Mystery likes to strut her stuff in the dressage arena. She also likes exploring Peppertree Woods with Sarah. When she gallops to the HORSE CLUB Caravan, her mane and tail streaming behind her, it’s an incredible sight to behold. Will she uncover another secret there with Sarah?


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Favourite Places

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The Kramer family lives at Lakeside Riding Stable in a big house. They’re surrounded by lots of fields, horse paddocks and Peppertree Woods. That’s where the HORSE CLUB members meet: Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah. The girls have a new adventure with their horses every day. They regularly go out riding and often encounter mysteries that they solve with the help of their four-legged friends.

The small countryside village has everything that most families need from shops to schools, from beautiful surroundings, flora, fauna, wildlife and jobs. There are many places for the girls to explore: waterfalls, caves, forests, old buildings, hillsides, old bridges and tunnels.

The Peppertree Woods are the most amazing, green and lush woodlands that link the Lakeside Compund and Hazelwood village. The HORSE CLUB caravan is the girls secret meeting place and the starting point of many magical adventuers.

Springdale with its 120,000 residents, is the commercial and cultural hub of much of the region. Springdale has a long history of equestrien show jumpers, and offers nowadays lots of museums, schools, shopping malls and other urban attractions.


Together with the HORSE CLUB you will have exciting adventures on your tablet and smartphone. Complete tasks and missions, take care of your horses and ride out together with the girls! There is so much to discover in Lakeside – let’s get started!

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