Schleich Supports Zoos

At Schleich, we’ve been helping children learn about wild animals for nearly 85 years. To support zoos who need funds to care for their animals amid this challenging time, Schleich will make a donation to our zoo partners for each item purchased on this web page through May 31st. Keep scrolling to check out the array of zoo animals that are available for purchase to support zoos, learn more about our first three zoo partners: Racine Zoological Society, Central Florida Zoo and NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, and to check out these zoo-tastic activities idea for hours of at-home entertainment. We’ll be posting information on additional zoo partners shortly. Please check back in a few days for information on additional partners. Thank you for supporting these zoos and our awesome animal friends!

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Animals often found in zoos have long been a part of our Schleich world: giraffe, lion, rhinoceros and tiger have become friends with many children as animal figures. Zoos all over the country are temporarily closing during this unprecedented time. Zoos rely heavily on the income generated through ticket sales to help feed and care for their animals. Since the income of zoos has been greatly reduced during temporary closures, Schleich is launching the Schleich Supports Zoos program to help support these zoo partners.

Through May 31st, Schleich will donate a portion of the income from this online shop to our zoo partners for each of the below items purchased.

  1. Chimpanzee male
    Chimpanzee male
  2. Black panther
    Black panther
  3. Giant panda, female
    Giant panda, female
  4. Kangaroo
  1. Tiger, white
    Tiger, white
  2. Tiger
  3. Jaguar
  4. Leopard
  1. Arctic wolf
    Arctic wolf
  2. Cheetah, female
    Cheetah, female
    Out of Stock
  3. Dromedary
  4. Schleich® Wild Life flash cards
    Schleich® Wild Life flash cards
  1. Orangutan, female
    Orangutan, female
  2. Gorilla, male
    Gorilla, male
  3. Giraffe, female
    Giraffe, female
  4. Giraffe, male
    Giraffe, male
  1. Grizzly bear mother with cub
    Grizzly bear mother with cub
  2. African elephant, male
    African elephant, male
  3. African elephant, female
    African elephant, female
  4. Indian rhinoceros
    Indian rhinoceros
    Out of Stock

Our Partner Zoos

Our zoo partners are currently closed, but they remain committed to connecting the public to their animals. Click the links below to learn more about each zoo and enjoy programming from each partner zoo. We hope their videos bring you some moments of joy during these uncertain times.

Racine Zoo

Check out all 13 episodes of the "Racine Zoo to You" TV Show to learn more about their animals, zoo and more.

Central Florida Zoo

Tune in to the "Zoo to You" Facebook Livestream Monday through Friday at 2pm and meet a new animal and animal keeper each day.

New Zoo & Adventure Park

Follow NEW Zoo & Adventure Park online - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube - to see behind-the-scenes videos and keep up with "what's new" at the NEW Zoo!

Zoo-tastic Activities

These WILD activities are sure to inspire hours of at-home entertainment and play.

Go on a Schleich safari! Create your gear, grab your animals and let the fun begin!

Download instructions


Some animals have been caught in the spider’s web! This game for one or more players is a fun way for kids to train their fine motor skills, and it’s easy to make yourself at home. So why not give it a go?

Cheetah Coloring Sheet

Download now

Dolphin Coloring Sheet

Download now

Macaw Coloring Sheet

Download now

Connect the Dots

Download Now

Animal Races

Download Now

Desert Tortoise Coloring Sheet

Download now

Masai Giraffe Coloring Sheet

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Yellow Crowned Amazon Coloring Sheet

Download now

Thank you for supporting our zoo partners. We encourage you to share photos of the fun you are having with your new zoo animals and activities found here on our social pages. Don’t forget to use #ILikeSchleich. If you have friends and family who may want to support our zoo partners, please share this webpage with them.