Coral fish

Coral fish

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Many colourful fish live in coral reefs, such as the clownfish, the surgeonfish, and the foxface rabbitfish. Even though coral looks like a plant, it is an animal, which moves very slowly.
The bright orange clownfish likes to hide in colourful anemones, which protect it with their stinging tentacles. The foxface rabbitfish has a striking black and white striped head, which is why it is also often called the badgerfish. It feeds on algae, which grow on the corals. You can also find the surgeonfish here, which likes to pluck algae from the coral as well. It gets its name from the horn-like outgrowths on its tail fin. They are used for defence and reminded biologists of a doctor's scalpel.
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Fun Fact

When eating, the foxface rabbitfish moves its top lip like a nibbling rabbit.


1 x clownfish, 1 x palette surgeonfish, 1 x fox face, 1 x reef, 4 x seaweed

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