In the Specials section, you can find all the Schleich® animals, figures and sets that are not available everywhere in the world. For example, animals with special paint designs or playsets and figures that have initially only been made for a specific country. The regularly updated selection covers all Schleich ranges, including Farm World, Horse Club, Wild Life, Dinosaurs and bayala®. Discover unique products that you’re sure to love – even if you’re not a collector or fan.

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  1. Exclusive_default
    Cowboy with bull
    Cowboy with bull 72120
  2. Exclusive_default
    Tinker mare
    Tinker mare 72137
  3. Exclusive_default
    Pinto mare
    Pinto mare 72138
    Out of Stock
  4. Exclusive_default
    Farm World collecting case
    Farm World collecting case 98172
  5. Exclusive_default
    Golden donkey
    Golden donkey 72145
  6. Exclusive_default
    Donkey and donkey foal
    Donkey and donkey foal 13849
  7. Exclusive_default
    Rhinoceros 14743
  8. Exclusive_default
    Sheep and lamb
    Sheep and lamb 13850
  9. Exclusive_default
    Pig and piglet
    Pig and piglet 13851
    Out of Stock
  10. Exclusive_default
    Zebra female and zebra foal
    Zebra female and zebra foal 14797
  11. Exclusive_default
    Lioness and lion cub
    Lioness and lion cub 14796
  12. Exclusive_default
    Cheetah female and cheetah cub
    Cheetah female and cheetah cub 14799

Products: 14

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